Monday, February 28, 2011

Lets try this again!

Hey kids

Well I havent written since September! SO long already. Guess I havent written much because honestly, writing is something I love to do when somethings bringing me down, an open expression for me to get some feelings on the table. However, that shit is NOT fun to read. I was practically looking for my NOOSE after I re-read the things Ive blogged about in the past! Haha!

Alright, so Im reading this book that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas called "The Happiness Project". In there, one of her goals is to start blogging more frequently and I decided that that would be a great goal for me as well because I always feel explosive with stories and strange things to discuss.

Lets start this off on an awesome not, heres some cool shit currently happening in the life of LD:

Well two beautiful gals in my life, Sara & Hanna, are tying the knot this summer which is ahhhmazing because I LOVE weddings and its great because they have both asked for my input a few times which I also love.

Heading to Vegas next Monday. Exciting... but its my 8th or 9th time now... I was more excited the 1st!

New manager coming to help me out and eventually borderline replace me at work. This is wonderful. My job has been great for the last few years but I am strongly looking forward to some change.

Traveling coming up in my near future with a trip to Norway and then to Europe, Asia and Australia later in the year.

My friend KC and I hitting the gym and eating like GSP for 8 days in a row now.. including drinking multiple glasses of plain normal water. Those of you who know me, please do not shit yourselves.. I know its hard not to. I know.

My beautiful friend Maegan is expecting another little miracle to bless our lives in just a few short weeks, as well as my beautiful awesome cousin Linds is ALSO bringing a little bundle of joy to the family. Any bets on what a Norwegian Japanese baby will come out like? I say %110 sex machine!

Lady Gagas new video coming out today?!?! Seriously wicked... what a gal. Sometimes Im seriously BLOWN AWAY/freaked out with the things that she comes up with, but seriously, what a creative and determined girl. Favourite lyrics in a song ever "Im beautiful in my way, cause God makes no mistakes, Im on the right track, baby, I was born this way"

Alright, I gotta get the hell out of here, going home to cut some hair and try my hand at some home made soup. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the house isnt engulfed in flames in a couple hours.

Ill leave you with some words of wisdom

Sweet tune: Diddy's return to music with "Comin Home"

Sweet movie: Check out Black Swan when you get a chance

The Oilers will suck no matter who they trade!

What do you guys wanna see me discuss or research on my blog? Just let me know via email, comments or good ol' facebook

See you in a day or two!

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