Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Laceys 10 Days of Christmas- Day 7

Well I feel like I have to go the stereotypical route of resolutions since it is, after all,  January 1!

First of all, happy new year!  I dont know what it is about the first day of the calendar year that gets us all fired up inside, but it definitely does.  A chance for a new beginning, to do the things you have always wanted to do, see all the things you wanted to see and of course, lose 150 lbs.  Sound about right?  Haha sounds typical to me.   Ive never once held up my resolution but I still think its fun to make them.  If not for anything else than to point out and exploit your weaknesses to the world wide web.   A few of my resolutions this year:

1)  More Yoga.
 I love yoga so much and 2013 was the first year that I started taking it a bit more seriously.  I havent nailed down what I love about it, but theres something special about it, for sure.  Maybe Ill even become a teacher one day :)

2) Drink more water.
Not necessarily 8 glasses of water each day as I believe in baby steps.  Just drinking a bit more would be awesome for me, even if thats just one cup a day.  Next year Ill work on 8 glasses a day.

3) Read more books.
I seriously love love love reading books, but I just dont do it enough.  I have 3 books that are burning holes on my shelf that I cant wait to read in Mexico.  Id like to read 8 books this year.

4) Blog more.
I love coming on here and blabbering away about my life.  Its fun for me and its so nice getting feedback from people who enjoy reading it.  So, thank you, for those who do.  And kiss my ass for those who dont.  jk.

5) Spend more time making time
I want to make more time for my loved ones.  Whether its just another 5 minute phone call to a cousin on their birthday or a golf trip with my brothers.   If I found out tomorrow that I only had a few months to live, those are the folks Id be spending my time with, yet I dont seem to make time for them in average day.  That doesnt seem right, does it?

6) Build shit
Im GOING to build something badass this year.  Most likely in the form of a bird feeder at a Home Depot class (and I can hardly wait)

7) Take a class
Take a random class on something like painting or swimming... ANYTHING, really.  I have a few highlighted that I am interested in, mainly photography.

8) Master my Canon
I want to take magnificent photos and now is the time to learn.  Hopefully #7 will help me with this one.

9) Shave 30 mins of my next half marathon

10) Judge LESS.  Love MORE
Everyone is so busy being so bloody judge-y sometimes that I actually find it unbearable and have to walk away from conversations from time to time.  Theres no room to love people if you judge them.  Everyone in this world has a purpose and a passion and we all have a responsibility to accept that.

My wish for you is that you find something you are looking for in this new year.  Cheers xo

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  1. Lacey! I love these resolutions! You should totally become a yoga instructor! In fact.... one of the top instructors in the world in coming to do a workshop for people interested in teaching this FORT MAC!!!! Then you can come back and visit me! And its just in time for TJ birthday garage party! K I'll book your ticket now :)