Friday, September 24, 2010

so checked out the flick, remember me, and it was surprisingly pretty good. definitely a movie, so much that would never happen in real life but i will throw out some props for an ending i didnt expect. i love a movie that can bring me to my knees in tears. i dont know why, its just a movie... but im a girl and im ridic like that. followed "remember me" with season 3 of sex and the city re-runs, and you can always count on those.

it would have been my moms 56th birthday yesterday... didnt get a chance to celebrate like i usually do, but big shout out to the best mom ever... i miss you so much! love you, wherever your beautiful spirit is!

last night, the band "malibu knights" played at longshots and they were so kick ass! we got them coming back on Saturday for a set. If youre in town you should stop by after UFC and check it out.

tip of the day: get to know yourself and what youre about. because the days when you feel like nobody gets you, at least you know what the hell is going on. and when you feel too complicated for anyone to understand, you probably are. i use the world "complex"...sounds better. peace out.

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