Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eat Clean Train Dirty


Well hello again my readers... Im back... and as always, with some random topic.

This week my friend Kari and I started a clean eating "diet". Im not a fan of the word "diet" because I just think of ridiculous ads for NutriSlim and all that other bs thats slathered all over womens magazines. This is more of a kickstart, a educational experience, of what works for our bodies and what does not.

How it works:

Week One- Glutenous carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars, egg and dairy products are a no.
Week Two- Introduce low fat dairy and eggs
Week Three- Introduce whole grain wheat
Week Four- Get "normal" eating back on track ... but eating everything as close to its natural source as possible.

This is cool because it gives you a chance to see how your body works at its prime with what you are consuming. Its also good for people to narrow down allergies or find what makes them feel like a big sluggy bear.

Obviously, exercise is key as well so that is important to do daily along with your eating guidelines.

I thought day one would be a bloody nightmare but it was actually super easy. For "breakfast" I had a banana and thats all because like a procrastinating weirdo (as always) I had not gone grocery shopping yet. So a banana and some water and a 1.5 hour walk with the dog filled up my morning. For lunch I had a salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, red and green peppers and onion. Sprinkled on some sunflower seeds and used a lime-garlic vinegar olive oil concoction on top. Wonderful. After work I stopped by Safeway and as always, stayed around the perimeter of the store. Only darting in to the rice aisle like an escaped convict. I was checking out some different rice and grains and came across buckwheat. I dont know anything about this product but I already hated it because of its name. (My brothers called me buckwheat when I was little because of my nasty ass teeth lol) Not knowing ANYTHING about this, I googled it and found out its gluten free and not a wheat product despite its name. Its actually a seed of a plant I cant pronounce! When I got home, I put a cup of buckwheat with two cups of water into the rice cooker, then heated up the stove and put some black beans and salsa and scooped it on top of my buckwheat. Added a little steamed broccoli and wa-laa! It was pretty good! Could have been a lot better with butter and cheese :)

What I learned here was that buckwheat isnt really a good substitute for rice or pasta. It was more of an oatmeal flavour and consistency. I would replace oats (as oats have gluten) with buckwheat but I probably wouldnt eat it like that again.

One of my favourite things about doing experiments like these is trying out completely new things that have been under my nose all along. These "diets" force us to expand our food horizons and do some research on what works best for our bodies.

Kari will be writing a bit about her side of things and you can check it out http://www.oscarssandwiches.com/ . Or just check out her site for awesome recipes. (My favourite is her garlic and cherry tomato pasta.. to die for)

Ill post everyday on this experience and let you know what foods I am trying out and what just so happens to taste like shit. Haha

Talk soon!

Oh totally forgot to mention that I ate about 20 jelly bellys last night :S Mind completely slipped and they were just hanging out all colourful and tasty looking in a big bowl..... I couldnt help it!

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  1. Good lucks girls, it will be definately be a challenge but it will be so worth it in the end! :) I'm looking forward to your daily blog updates the most!