Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lacey Loves 'Lincoln Lawyer'

Hey guys,
Hope everyone is recovering okay from St Patricks Day! I noticed the bar was slower than usual this weekend, Im sure its because everyone went on such a tear on Thursday that going out again on the weekend was a far cry. Anyways, on Friday after work, I stopped by the local cinema to catch a flick that I had put in my memos to see last weekend when it was a preview in Russell Crowe's latest hit. It is called Lincoln Lawyer and stars Matthew "Easy On The Eyes" McConachie, Marisa "I Love You Because Gaga Loves You" Tomei, Ryan "Also Easy On The Eyes But Even Better Cause You Date Young Girls" Phillipe and last but not least Josh "A Girl Must Have Been In Charge Of Casting" Lucas.

Girls will love it for the cuties, and the boys will love it for the action. Well, I liked the action too. Great flick, didnt want to get out of my seat but unfortunately last Friday was probably the first day in my life I actually drank 8 glasses of water. Sooo... ya.

Here is the link so check out the trailer and then head over to the cinema... I dont think youll be disappointed.

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