Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lacey = Lazy

Alright cats, I know I dont write enough...Im working on it. I always feel like Im so busy but really, I just need to manage my time a LOT better. Especially because writing is what I enjoy!
Theres TONS new in my life right now, but not much at all at the same time. What is new for me is that I will be leaving my current home for a few months to venture off to Norway, Europe, Asia and Australia. Im leaving in July, coming back for 2 weddings and then heading off again for 3 months. VERY EXCITING. However, I still have some time to wait, and its ticking by slowwwwwwly. Things could be worse though! Right now just making sure that I have my traveling visas figured out and I got all the shots Im supposed to have. PS- Is it bad to get a needle by the Pharmacist at Safeway just to get 100 bonus Air Miles?

So Ive recently been beaked a tad about never seeing any Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or The Terminator movies... so guess what I did? I went to Rogers and rented the first HP movie. Did you know the first movie is called Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone all over the world except for the USA and.... (I forget the other country) Well I dont know about you but this shit confused me and almost caused the "helper" at Rogers to flip the entire "family movie" rack right over onto me. Finally I just agreed with her and took the stupid "Philosophers Stone" anyways. WTF am I to be questioning a Rogers employee about something I know nothing about anyways? Whatever, we were both right. Dammit USA, always starting shit.

Ill fill you in on how this movie is.... I instinctively want to say its going to suck but thats a bad attitude. Ill have your review shortly!

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