Monday, August 22, 2011

The End of London > France

After my awesome time and a thousand photos on the London Eye, Taylor, Amanda and myself went for dinner and I cabbed back to my boring hotel. The next day, we met up and went for lunch, a trip to the London Tower (very cool!) the London bridge, and then took a stroll down the Thames River. We had dinner at an awesome Italian restaurant and chatted awesome high school memories. After dinner we went to the West End ( what we would call 'Broadway' in western/NYC terms) and checked out The Lion King musical and it was so awesome, a definite highlight. The next morning we took a tour to Stonehenge, and although it was a 9 hour excursion due to ridiculous traffic (thanks to the upcoming Olympics) it was so neat to see. After we arrived back in London, I went back to my hotel for a meeting with my group to meet each other and our tour guides.

I got to the hotel and I was surprisingly a little bit nervous. Being alone with a LOT of people I don't know. I was just praying there would be some cool girls on my tour! I met an awesome Canadian girl right off the bat names Sharan and we have been room mates and I couldn't have asked for a better situation. Anyways, that night we all went for dinner and then back to our hotels for the night, with an early morning heading to Paris!

We had to be at the pick up location at 645 so i was extremely tired! We weighed our luggage and jumped on the coach and off we were to France. Our bus is referred to as a coach and is pretty much identical to a newer Greyhound. Except we all keep our heads. Just kidding. But seriously. The first night in Paris, we went for dinner and then climbed the Eiffel tower!! It was an amazing view of the city and we were fortunate enough to see it during the daylight, dusk, And evening with the lights all lit up. It was unreal. The only issue I had was a French man behind me with the nastiest breath I have ever smelt. It was like when you have flowers and forget to change the water for 2 weeks mixed with rotten broccoli! I wish I was being sarcastic but I had my cardigan wrapped around my face to avoid the smell and imalmost DIED when he got on the small elevator behind me!

The next day we were up early and went to the Notre Dame Cathedral, Napoleons tomb, The Louvre, Arch de Triumphe, and then went to a ristorante for French onion soup, french fries, red wine and some Italian gelato. That evening for dinner, we went to the Moulin Rouge production which was unreal (Boys, so many good looking broads!) there was water, snakes, miniature horses and tons of awesome costumes. After that, we stopped at an Irish pub where too many drinks made this tour feel like a grade nine party and I made my escape quite early. Interesting stories the next day, thats for sure!

After two days in Paris, we were headed to Bordeaux, France, where we weren't really expecting much, just a stop to break up the trip. However, we came upon quite the diamond in the rough! This place was AMAZING! It was exactly what I envisioned France to be, quaint and beautiful. We went for a nice patio dinner of more wine, salad and pizza. Unreal. One of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen.

The next morning was off to Barcelona, Spain! It was a long bus ride and I don't thing I've yet mentioned the TERRIBLE washroom situations. If there is a toilet seat, you have hit the jackpot! Most bathrooms have a small fee and there are no toilet seats. But if you are real unfortunate, there are two feet indentations and a hole in between them and I'll let you figure that out. It's all nasty and very unhygienic. God bless toilet seats.

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