Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Hopefully-Green-Thumb

After rolling in from Easter vacation, the only thing green in my house was the bag of bread.  Except for this big ol' green thumb now!  I came across some herb kits in Rona this afternoon and thought Id test my skills.  So far the only plant Ive been successful with is the plastic one on my kitchen table.  It was a step by step kit from Simple Garden and it was a pretty fun and easy project.  If you have kids that arent TOTAL dumbasses, this is for you!

This is what the snazzy little kits look like.  The big one is for tomatoes and basil.  This one cost $30
The little one is for parsley, more basil and oregano and it cost a whopping $10

This is what I look like when I am stoked to do more random shit that I dont have time for!

I got these seeds from the Good Friday church service in Saskatoon.  Im gonna grow some beans and hopefully a pumpkin.  Ill be sending some home to you Curtis, Nic and Lou!

You put the big soil bricks in a bucket thats quite a bit larger than the bricks themselves, add the water and watch these puppies expand.  Its pretty cool!

After the bricks have absorbed all the water, put them into the pot and break it all up into a nice looking pot of dirt?

Basil seeds are just little tiny babies.

It comes with this snazzy little plotting guide so you know how far apart to plant the seeds.  It also comes with a measuring stick so that you know how deep the seeds need to be planted.

I tried to plant a Mini Egg.  Wish me luck!

This is what I look like when Im stoked that I have successfully wasted 30 mins!

Those little nasty seeds that get stuck in your teeth are good for something...
making MORE seeds to get stuck in your teeth!

Setting up shop next to the sunny window and the good looking Driscoll family

The herbs.

Ill update you in a few weeks time as to how the development is coming along.  Im going to go ahead and assume that next time I check on them that the neighbours cat will have left a treat and it will be covered in mould but heres hopin'.

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