Monday, December 16, 2013

Ten Days of Christmas- Day Two

My Top 10 Songs Released in 2013
If you are under 16 or over 50, this might not be the blog post for you unless youre feeling a little adventurous!  If not, just dont judge me for loving music with bad language, too many naked ladies and drugs and violence.  
I still love kittens, I swear.  

This list is mega hard to make!  SO many good bands and songs out right now.  I made my selection by choosing the ones that speak to me the most or just create a feeling that brings it to life.

I didnt even put a Gaga song on here.  Thats absurd. But here they are...

Blood on the Leaves- Kanye West
Say what you want about 'Ye... but this guy can make a crazy beat and his Yeezus tour was absolutely outstanding. I laughed, cried, danced and sang my heart out.  Music with a message, take it or leave it! (But maybe try New Slaves if you're looking for a more obvious message)

Check it here

They All Want You- Lissie
Lissie is the hopeless romantic sweetheart that has totally invaded my iPod over the last few years.  She is just so open with her lyrics and her voice is captivating. I just want to be friends with her and go for ice cream and talk about funny shit on Jimmy Fallon.. ya know? Haha probably not.  If you like this one, you must check out Wedding Bells on youtube.


I Was A Fool - Tegan & Sara
Oh...the lyrics.  We have all been here.  Chasing around a lover who doesnt seem to understand or reciprocate, and yet we cant just give up.  This album was a tad controversial for T & S fans because of how they changed (or "sold out" as some would say) their sound.  This album is definitely more pop-py and polished but its the first album that I have personally loved from cover to cover.

Check it here

Drunk In Love- Beyonce
This album JUST got released and Im addicted.  Queen Bey comments on her "visual album" that music is "all about the single".  What she is getting at is how artists release a single, fans go onto iTunes, can purchase that one song, and move along.  The purchase and observation, in pop music especially, of an entire album is basically unheard of.  So, being the sneaky little sexbomb she is, she released the self titled visual album this week and it is UNREAL.  Every song has a video that is badass and her music is always through the roof.  She even kept up the tradition of a little bit of Jay on a track or 2 and Drake makes an appearance as well.  Amazing.    This song specifically is about her and Jay-Z and its just plain sexy!   I strongly suggest checking out her video for "Flawless".  She brings the heat and the feminist quote in there is eye opening and thought provoking.

Check it out

Cant Hold Us- Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis
How can you NOT love Mackelmore?!  Im a huge creep and follow their stuff pretty close, including him and his fiancee's Instagram accounts and they are the CUTEST.  This album is so rad and this song specifically is always the one Ill turn up just a tad louder everytime its on.  Not to mention when Im out in the bar with my friends, and this song comes on... its time to hit the D floor!!  SWEEP the Grammys, b'ys!!

Watch the awesome vid here

Holy Grail- Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z
Some say its overplayed, but this one just never gets old to me.  My brothers and I always share our new fave tunes and this is the VERY FIRST TIME they actually both loved one of my choices when I showed it to them earlier this summer.  You have two of the biggest guys in Musicland collaborating, so it only seems natural that they would not disappoint.  I just love how they both stayed true to their styles and yet its so seamless and makes me want to blow my eardrums out with my headphones on full blast.  EVERY TIME.

Check it out here

Out Of My League- Fitz & The Tantrums
Im the asshole Beyonce was talking about when it comes to this one.  I ran across this tune in a late night music soul search on iTunes and bought the single (and Im still the asshole because I havent gone back to check out the rest of the album) but I just love this song for a little pick me up... its definitely a toe tapper.

Check the vid ...

Hold On, We're Going Home- Drake
He's definitely not everyones cup of tea, but I have some mad love for Drake and his many sounds.  He has put out a couple big hits since his debut and I hope he stays around for long time.  He is backed by some big bosses like Jay-Z so Im sure he will have plenty of time in the spotlight.

The video is cheeseball to the max but if you're into it....

Wildfire- John Mayer
John Mayer is up at the top of my all time favourite musicians.  The guy has insane talent on the guitar and his ability to write a sweet song (Your Body Is A Wonderland?!  ADORABLE!) and even his talent to write a story about the guy who made the submarine just proves his songwriting skills.  Although its no "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room", Wildfire is a nice little lighthearted summer jam that I just love swaying around the house to.

Check it out here during his Letterman performance

Buzzcut Season- Lorde
This young lady just came flying out of the gates and Ive been enjoying her entire album since I heard her first big hit "Royals".  This song has some really cool sounds and Im a sucker for tunes with some solid bass and beat.  But arent we all.  You cant listen to it and not get a little shoulder move goin' on!

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