Monday, December 30, 2013

Laceys 10 Days of Christmas Day 6

I didnt forget about my 10 Days of Christmas, and even if I did, I was harassed for not getting it done.  Im happy though, that means that some of you guys actually enjoy my nonsense! :)  The issue is that I moved my living situation to my brothers and it was quite the search to find the wireless password, therefore I didnt have the internet!  Moving onnn.....

Introduced to me a few years ago by Julie, I have become an intense fan of Post Secret.  Post Secret was formed by a guy named Frank Warren who decided one day to have strangers anonymously mail their craziest secret to him.  He then decided to publish a few books with the secrets.  He also has a website that is updated every Sunday with new postcards full of secrets.  This project speaks to my heart so often.  So many souls out there have secrets you would never expect.  Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I even cry.  These are a few of the ones that got me this year.

I think we have all been in this position!  What a good way to look at it lol

Ahhhhh so romantic

Animals rule my heart

Story of my life

Id die to know who it is!!!

Uggggh this one kills me

Needing people and have them need me is something I personally struggle with

I know this feeling all too well.  Ill never buy non Heinz ketchup and I feel lucky that I can afford it.
Thanks for doing your best though, momma.

Yes!  Hope!!

Hahah right?!  I needed to see this!

This one also just hurts my heart... cant imagine

Always gotta find a good way to look at things.  I have lots of people to thank for some important life lessons

Hahaha I know a few folks who should think this way :)

(I always drink out of the milk jug.  Sorry)

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