Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the divine in me honours the divine in you

Yoga.  Whatta thing it is.

I was freaked out by yoga for a million years, finally got up the nerve to check it out, was bored bloody senseless and then, after another million years, decided to give it another whirl.  I skipped the YMCA class and tried it out at a cute studio completely dedicated to the practice and I. Fell. In. Love.

There are the obvious physical benefits, but different types of yoga are helpful with different goals, whether physical or mental.

For me, its a compliation of things.  It challenges me to be physically strong so I can hold poses and "flow" when the time comes in the sequence.  It challenges me to be mentally focused, to take my busy little brain and out it on pause for a few minutes. To not compare myself with others in the class.  To not have my cell phone on me for an entire hour a day.  It teaches me patience, as I am not good at not being good at things.  Im a generally athletic and competitive person but this is humbling, as most poses are gradual learning processes.

Overall, it creates a peacefulness in your heart.  I roll up my mat at the end of class, surrounded by people who are like minded but yet so different.  I feel more balanced, strong, in tune with my body and my heart and mind.  I am refereshed and my battery for life passion is always charged to the max.   It is just the best.


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