Thursday, September 23, 2010

4 months later, look who shows up

4 months... roughly 120 days. big changes can happen in 120 days. shitty and great changes. good changes, my cousin kristen tied the knot and had a wonderful wedding.... my cousin craig and wife angel had a little baby boy, my best friend is currently pregnant, i had an awesome trip to california and to vegas as well. however, almost 3 months ago i lost my grandpa. and no, not the lost as in give him and a whistle and he will come back, i mean... like, gone forever. shit man thats NEVER easy no matter how seasoned the guy was.... you just never expect it. missing him big time and i just want everyone to know how great he was! also this summer, I seen lady gaga perform twice, once in vegas and once in edmonton. i cant wait for her new album out in january. not really in the mood for writing... going to watch the movie "remember me" and hope that its as good as "the town" that i seen a few days ago.. completely different genre but ill check it out. peace.

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