Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 8 & 9- Preparation is KEY

Ive read many, many times about how preparation is the key to success and I have no issue applying that to work and other areas of life, but applying that to food and eating just never happened. While Im really trying to crack down on the reason I am missing meals, I realize its because I simply dont make time for eating. When Im laying in bed, deciding what time to set my alarm in the morning, I never incorporate an extra 10 mins to have breakfast because I would rather sleep an extra 10 mins and starve all morning (Im a sleep addict) Terrible, terrible habit.

So now when I go to the grocery store, I stock up on lots of fruits and vegetables and when I get home I cut everything up and start portioning out servings in little Ziploc bags. Now I have zero excuse for not eating breakfast, because even if I am running late, I can just open the fridge, toss a bag or two of fruits and veggies into my purse and run out the door.

Day 8-
Breakfast- Strawberry, banana, and orange smoothie with protein powder and YOGURT! Yay!
Lunch- Wild rice, edamame and a big bowl of salad!
Dinner- I was at Earls so I had the Prawn Dynamite roll with no prawn and a green salad. With a tea, no cream or sugar

Snacked on walnuts and veggies between meals.

I also ran 5k and beat my last best time by 15 seconds!

Day 9-
Breakfast- Same old delicious smoothie!
Lunch- Rice and vegetables
Dinner- More friggin vegetables with vegetable soup lol

Snacked on some almonds today.

I walked to the hockey game instead of driving (20 min walk) and it was actually nice. Put my headphones in and I was there before I knew it. I brought my own little bag of grapes and organic sugar free lemonade to the hockey game so I wouldnt be so tempted by all the poutines and ice cream and beer all around me! However, I did manage to get my hands on a little bag of unbuttered popcorn. It was a lot better than the unbuttered popcorn I make at home so Im pretty sure something was on it. But I tried my best to get it as healthy as possible.. and thats a lot more than I can say for what I would have normally done 2 weeks ago! Progress!

Here are some photos of my pre-cut and portioned fruit bags!

The ones in my freezer are 1/2 banana, 1/2 orange and a cup of strawberries. I also took my yogurt tubs and poured them into muffin tins making a little yogurt puck. I added one of those to every bag as well. Now I dont have to worry about pulling things out and making a mess. One bag. Thats all. Toss it in the blender with two scoops of protein powder and a cup of water and bang. Done!

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