Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 6 & 7

So my cheese obsession is somehow gone. Thank the dear lord because somebody was going to have to pay the serious price for even breathing in the same oxygen as me!

Yesterday was Day 6 and Im not going to lie, Im getting a little lazy and my creativity is dwindling. That lasted long lol. So yesterday I had a strawberry protein smoothie and added in flax seed and agave nectar. I also had a little bit of fresh pineapple. Then I went down to the bar for work and I may or may have not have had a french fry in sambal sauce dipped in ranch dressing on accident? Not too bad of a screw up! I also had a bowl of my veggie soup and then headed back down to Fuji Sushi house for another order of the cucumber avocado rolls and a green salad. Also drank lots of green tea and water and then had some strawberries for a snack later on. So like I said, its become a little repetitive.

Then today I really screwed up. I woke up a little later than usual because I was up SO late last night and then had to rush downtown to the movie theatre to just barely make it in time for the Titanic 3D matinee! Soooo I skipped breakfast :s But instead of breakfast, I once again had a small popcorn with no butter and a bottle of water. Surprisingly filling. Today is one of my favourite holidays, Easter, so Ive been cooking up a storm for my boyfriend and his sister. Im making a ham, scalloped potatoes and roasted zucchini, carrots and green string beans. I also made roasted rosemary potatoes for myself as I cant have the scalloped potatoes and I dont eat ham. Arent I just a treat to cook for, hey? Hahaha!

Im a little bitchy these days but Im not convinced its the diet! Looking forward to adding a little protein back in tomorrow with low fat sugar free yogurt and fat free cottage cheese. I wish my family in Norway could ship me the good, healthy stuff!

Hope you guys all had a great Easter and God bless you and your family especially today!

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