Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Pinterest Craft Night : Planters

Im a super huge nerd when it comes to the arts.  I love all things crafts and creativity. 
So when I saw this project on Pinterest, I was intrigued immediately because 
a) I had the pails and b) I needed planters

These were the materials I needed:
  Tile, grout, a pail or something to cover, and I also used a hot glue gun.
Note that this project isnt exactly wallet friendly.  The 12x12 coloured glass tiles are about $16 for what you see there and the larger brown tiles were about $6.  The grout was $30 so when its all said and done, each pail costs about $25.  And I lucked out with the free pails.

This is the mixed up grout.  I used my whisk attachment (dumb idea) and just mixed it in the pail I was usuing because I didnt want to ruin my nice kitchen dishes.  I just eyeballed the consistency, adding water slowly.  I needed it a little bit thicker than what the directions specified.


Because I was doing a pail and not something that could dry flat, I first glue gunned the tiles onto the pail to prevent them from sliding as they are all on a mesh backing which is quite heavy to be held by the grout alone.

Enjoying a night off work!

The lovely Becky was whippin' up an amazing dinner in the meantime!

Whatta beaut!
This is what the pail looked like after all the tiles were glued on.

Move over, Vanna ;) 

Then I put the grout between all the cracks.  This is where you want it a little bit thicker,
so it doesn't drip.

Almost done!

Beckys awesome dinner completed! Zucchini, pepper and kale with a yogurt curry sauce with 
baked tomato, avocado and goat cheese muchroom caps!  

I gave it some time to dry and then came back in with a wet cloth to polish up the tiles

The Before and After!

It was an overall fun project but I definitely underestimated the cost and the mess!  If I did it again, it would be an outdoor project (complete with garden hose) and I would likely only do it if I had scraps left over from a household reno.  Ill have to add another photo of the pail on my steps filled with my birthday flowers from Aunty Janice!

I should also get a grout sealer to keep the grout dry and prevent it from dissolving, but that means another trip down to Rona which isn't likely in the near future.  Do as I say, not as I do ;)

Til next time, keep fit and have fun!

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