Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh Canada

Today is my second favourite Canadian Holiday, Canada Day.  Thanksgiving only giving it the slight edge because of all the awesome food.  Growing up, Canada Day meant freedom from the backyard and a day trip with some cousins and friends to the goose shit filled, but amazing, Wascana Park.   The first words that come to mind are hot dogs, flags, popsicles, watermelon, red, face painting, face tattoos (not Mike Tyson style, I mean the little red maple leaf temps), parades and everybodys favourite, the fireworks.  As I got older, it meant drinking  few more Molson products than the average Saturday night and a taxi ride home.  It is just always such a good day because everyone loves to celebrate a birthday, especially when its an awesome birthday for an awesome country.  Thats quite the personification, although it doesnt really feel that way.

In the last few years, I was lucky enough to put the saying "distance makes the heart grow fonder" to the test.  I packed up the backpack and took off to do some exploring around the globe.  As amazing as it was to experience these cultures, I really did miss Canada. And I know what youre thinking.. you think I just missed home because of the Kraft Dinner.  Well, that was 90% of it.  But I can tell you one thing, I will never take a flushing toilet and warm water for granted ever again!!  Nor will I ever pack that bloody bag again without a few boxes of KD and an Oh Henry ever again!

Part of my world trip was to the pristine country of Norway to see our family farm and see some relatives that stayed behind when the others came to America. They say my great grandma came to Canada because of the bad economy but Im sure its because she couldnt handle the price of beer anymore!  Although life in Norway would have been wonderful as well, I am grateful for my life in Canada and the opportunity here.  And Im especially grateful for beers that dont cost $17 a pop.

I also think its pretty awesome that when you google "funny Canada", all the memes that pop up are people making fun of us for our healthcare, our love of hockey, Tim Hortons, living in igloos or the 1000 pictures of bears and moose.  You dont see anything about violence, and theres only a few making fun of Harper (which are all awesome, btw)   We live in a country of freedom to choose virtually everything, to access an education, to live any life we want to work for and a country that accepts others and makes room for everyone.  We are so blessed. 

Ill leave you with a few pics and I hope you enjoy this wonderful day!

This made me laugh so hard.  For those of you that dont watch the show, its about how a guy sells meth to
make money for his family while hes dying of cancer.

We are known for being pretty nice people.

One time in Vegas, a local who was watching a bunch of assholes jump into the fountains at Caesars Palace said "they must be from Canada" so I asked him why he would assume that and he replied "because you have such good health care, you dont worry about getting hurt"  Made me think twice the next time I jumped in the fountain lol

Ive actually been seriously injured by this motion more than once!  Time for studded soles

Looks about right!
Celebrating Canada Day with my girls

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