Monday, July 29, 2013

Dying to be beautiful?

I am not gonna lie... I have been TRIPPING OUT lately about food and health and beauty products lately.
It all started with a intro to a makeup line in my salon where they talked, in depth, about "parabens" and the health risks that have been linked to them.  Nothing scientific, yet, of course.  This brings me to my first point.. why the hell do we feel the need to not listen to things until the facts are all scientific? Case in point: How long did humans use formaldehyde before we realized it is a human carcinogen? How about the birth control Norplant, the FDA gave it the okay for 11 years before taking it off the market due to tens of thousands of filed lawsuits...  how about asbestos? Need I go on?  The truth is that we are obviously not quick enough to pick out what ingredients are killing us, and I don't really feel like being the guinea pig anymore.

I don't remember the exact stat, but it was something like 90% of breast cancer tumour tissue contains parabens.  There was also an alarming stat about breast cancer tumours in the outer upper breast tissue linked to antiperspirants.  Is all the hype true?  I don't know.  But I bet there was someone out there who questioned formaldehyde at one point too, and they are probably in a grave right now.  Hahaha that's a bit extreme but I know you get what I'm saying.  Who is doing our research?  Do they have the information they need to know to keep us healthy?  Can they be trusted?  I'm not going to touch on conspiracy theories, but there are tons out there.   I'm not saying be paranoid, but its YOUR body. You only get one, and its likely the best its ever going to be RIGHT NOW so why would we just put it in the hands of somebody else?

Ive made the switch to natural toothpaste, soap/body wash and lotion with ease. I actually prefer these products over the old ones and haven't looked back yet.  I'm trying the deodorant but holy hell, this one is tough!  Ive been using an anti-perspirant since day one so sweat freaks me out.  I'm not even a "sweater" so I'm really unsure how that would work out for the ladies and gents that are.  Although, most men usually use deodorants.  I salute you guys!

I really wanted to talk about food here as well but I really don't think I am informed enough in this area to be preaching on about it.  I have mega issues with the meat industry so I took over that area and conformed to a veghead and love it.  However, I am NOT unaware of the issues with soy protein and I am constantly reading/watching/researching on those ingredients as well.   I really wish it was easier and more sustainable to acquire meat and produce from local farmers and stay away from the mass producers.  My view on that is pretty simple.  A single box of Kraft Dinner tastes better than when you have to make 10 boxes in the same pot. Same goes for groceries as far as I am concerned.    I am fully aware of the needs of mass production due to our overwhelming population and lack of rural settlements, but this urban girl will never stop looking for healthier choices.  

Ill be doing more research and posting my findings!  Love to hear your feedback so keep it coming!

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