Thursday, December 19, 2013

Laceys Ten Days of Christmas- Day 5

What a great life it is when you actually cant decide the top 10 moments of your year!  This post is putting things in perspective for me big time right now... I feel grateful and a tad undeserving to be honest.  This year was a tough one in a lot of ways, with most recently moving out of Fort McMurray, closing our business and the change of a few really important relationships.  Life has a way of bringing you back down when you need a time out.  2013 was a year of adventures but Im looking to chill (just a little bit) in 2014 and make a few decisions that are getting a little more necessary as I get a bit older.  Twenty seven might be a good time to start considering a career, hey? Haha Here are my Top 10 Memories of 2013! In No order!

1) My 27th Birthday Weekend!
For my birthday weekend, my good friend Maegan flew up to Fort McMurray (with perfect cupcakes in tow, I must add!) and we went out on the town with some of my most fave beauties in the entire world, Jaylene, Kari, Becky and Cassidy. The next day we stopped at the cabin to see Darren and his fam before heading to Edmonton to celebrate Kostons 2nd Birthday and another birthday night out with Lindsay, Clayton, Delshani, Maegan, Craig and Becky at the Red Piano as well as many other Edmonton friends.  Such a great weekend surrounded by some amazing people.

Kari, Jaylene, Cassidy and I
Linds, Delshani and I at the Red Piano

Myself, Becky and Maeg at the Red Piano
Del, Linds, Aunty Puff, Maeg and I at Kostons 2nd Birthday 

2) Lady Gaga in Toronto with Julie!
In February, I flew out to Toronto to spend some much needed time with my girl Julie.  We had a great time that week just hanging out, a few lunches, few evening drinks, and an awesome time at Lady Gaga.  We are both big fans of Gaga so sharing this experience together and singing our hearts out between gulps of arena beer was so much fun!

3) Winter in NYC
While I was in Toronto, flights to NYC were only $49 each way so I snagged a ticket and cruised across the border to the Big Apple.  I absolutely love New York and all of its glamour (and disgust).  Such an interesting place.  I did tons of touristy stuff and enjoyed a Broadway show and a Ben Howard concert which was amazing. It was a fun little solo trip and definitely broke up the long winter and soothed my travel itch!
Central Park in all of its elegance

4) Easter at the Veale Residence
I live for family time so this was just awesome!  The entire Veale clan were all home in Saskatoon  and we had so much fun harassing the kids and eating too much chocolate.  Lots of other cousins stopped over to visit so it was just a really nice time to take it easy and relax and laugh with my loved ones.
The Veales with their grandbubs!

 5) Getting my new Whip!
The secret to not hating EVERY second of winter is to not drive a toboggan on wheels!  
Thank you Subaru for a (so far) enjoyable winter

My first trip in The Suby was to Banff National Park right after I got the keys!

6) Caring Hearts Camp
Caring Hearts Camp is a camp for children who are greiving the loss of a loved one.  I went to the camp when I was dealing with the loss of my mom so having the opportunity to go back and meet and share those insanely intense and emotional times with grieving kids is the first thing that made me feel like my struggles had a purpose.  I cant describe what it feels like, but putting my arms around those kids and feeling their tears through my shirt and knowing that they now know they arent alone.. well, there are just no words.  I got this in an email from my director recently and it brought tears to my eyes.  It is just THEE most special thing to me. 

 7) Turtle Lake 
My final stop on my summer vaction was to the Veale cabin at Turtle Lake.  We have spent many awesome weekends at the cabin over the years, and this was the final one as the cabin has now been sold :(
We had a great time with family and friends, playing cards and volleyball.  Even stitches and lots of rain couldnt keep the laughs and good times away.
Wouldnt be a family pic if we werent in a pyramid!

8) My First Half Marathon 
Not sure if this should be in this category as it was also the worst 3 hours of my entire life lol
Linds, Craig and I ran the Melissas Road Race Half Marathon in Banff in September and Im just FINALLY able to walk straight again (wait... maybe thats the vodkas fault lol)
Jumping over the finish line!  Pre-Barf sesh!

 9) Longshots Closing Party(ies)
This was obviously extremely sad as well, but some of the best times I have ever had at Longshots were in its last month, as it had the NOW OR NEVER vibe and I wasnt as concerned about my professionalism lol  Parties were had every weekend leading up to the end, and we created some awesome memories that I never want to forget. Ill miss Longshots, but I know we couldnt have ended it any better.
Leanne, Gord, Becky, Linds and I on the Customer Appreciation weekend

10) #BadBitchesTour2013
Becky and I went on a wild 6-week trip through central and eastern America and Canada.  We hit up some mega rad events such as 3 NFL games, 3 NHL games, 2 NBA games, a Kanye West concert, a million bagel shops and two million pubs!  SO MUCH FUN!  I have more posts on the tour coming up after the 10 Days of Christmas!

Look familiar? LOL

 11) Not to be forgotten..... just not enough photos!
TJ and Karis Garage Party!
Darrens 30th Birthday Party!

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