Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Laceys Ten Days of Christmas - Day 4

A Few Noteable Inspiring Folks of 2013
(in no particular order) are:

Nolan Haukeness
Nolan and I met at a wonderful little pub called Longshots many years ago.  Over many pints of Rickards Red and love for the Riders, a great friendship blossomed.    Sunday breakfasts became our weekly tradition where we would meet up for some omelette's and chat about life.  I really should have paid him for the psych work he did for me lol
I love that Nolan looks you in the eyes when you speak to him, he listens and comments in the most unique way.  He has a really solid disposition on life and I love the angles he comes from.  He invited me to a theatre writing workshop that we would go to every Sunday.  Although Im still kicking myself in the ass for just not coming up with something awesome, Nolan introduced me to many new friends that also changed how I viewed the world.  They came from all sorts of different backgrounds than myself so it was a learning experience that I am very grateful for. 
And then to top it all off, Nolans play that he wrote at the workshop totally kicked ass and I got to see him win an award which was awesome.  Keep up the great work of challenging yourself, discovering your layers and flourishing where you are planted.  You are an inspiration to many and thank you for teaching me to be courageous and to be a better listener and friend.  I miss you!

Megan Bastien
Megs is just the sweetest, energetic girl in the world.  Not too mention, pretty easy on the eyes.
She is just the person that immediately comes to mind when I think of "When life hands you lemons..."
Although there have been some obstacles, she still manages to find the time in her crazy busy life to follow her heart and dreams.  Everyday she spends hours with her dogs and her horses between marking a million papers and keeping her wild man contained :)  She is just a wonderful girl who has shown me how strong a soul can be and is always there to lend a hand.  She has also shown me the answer to all my problems...horses!

Clayton Pilling
This guy is just the best.  Not just because he is married to my big sis, but because he has got to be the most determined and supportive guy in the history of the world.    Clay has been busting his ass for years, in California, away from his family, to reach his final achievement of a Chiropractic diploma.  Im so happy to say that he is working in a great clinic in Sherwood Park with 2 great guys and things are coming together beautifully.  The life of a student is often sloughed off, but to see the work and stressful times that Clay had endured to create a life of his dreams for himself and his wifey and bub, is extremely inspiring.  Thank you, Clay, even though you'll never read this, for being a mentor and someone I have always looked up to.  You inspire me every day.

Evan Klein
This one is a little harder on the heart.  Evan was one of the wild ginger kids that grew up with us in Regina and was a really good friend to my brothers.  He lived with one or both of them for over 10 years and was a part of our family.  He was the family photographer, the family jokester and the family cat-lover.  He had an amazing laugh and capability to make a room roar with laughter.  He took care of all of us and was so protective of me, making sure not a boy came NEAR me in grade 9.   This May, after struggling with some demons, Evan passed away.  The lessons that boy has taught us over the last year have been paramount. He has changed my views of many topics such as mental health, substance abuse and addiction.  I will never let his light fade in my heart and it will be tough not having him around this holiday season. I just want to thank him for the positivity he brought into our lives during my familys' tough times. His spirit will never leave us.

Craig Veale
If you look up warrior in the dictionary, this guy pops right up.  He has overcome some obstacles this year and has stayed so positive and has just been a mega example to all who look up to him.  Craig is such a good dad to his cute little dude and makes parenting look like a blast.  Keep up the good work, Egger.  We are all behind you.

Sheila Chutskoff
This is one fun gal who inspires me on a entrepreneurial level.  She is a young, fun babe who came flying out of the gates and followed her dreams of opening Oranj Dance & Fitness, a "fun, inviting, community-based studio for people of all levels" in Kelowna.  She has now expanded her practice and is now open in Fort McMurray.  I am all for women kicking ass in business and its a little closer to the heart when I know the work and dedication (I wont even get into sacrifice) it takes to do what she's doing. I also love what she does for the community with fundraising ideas.  Im proud of you, Sheila!  Keep it up!   (Ps-totally stole this pic of your Facebook... Im such a creep lol)

Graham Barker
This guy should get my lifetime inspiration award!
Graham is just a class act. No better way to describe him. A successful man who became that from being a business man with integrity and a generous heart.  Ill always remember helping him out one year at the Phoenix Group annual Christmas dinner for the less fortunate people of Regina.  I remember him just glowing as he was helping dish up turkey and potatoes and helping the folks find new sweaters to stay warm outside. So selfless. 
He made time for me this summer to sit down and discuss some of my own entrepreneurial dreams which has answered a lot of my questions and also created a lot more and helped get my thinking straight.  I really appreciate it and Im just so grateful for a guy like this in my corner. 

Patty Dwyer (no photo, unfortunately for you!)
This ray of sunshine captured my complete attention during an amazing monologue performance at the Fort McMurray One Act Festival.  Shortly after the incredible performance, I thought I'd try some yoga after a few bouts of wanting to rip my eyeballs out (good ol life, sometimes!)  I walk into the class, setup my little nest, and guess who is the teacher?! Bob!  Well, that was her character name.  Her name is Patty and she is even better at instructing yoga than acting.  Her way of getting so into her practice and being so helpful with beginners just comes so natural to her.  I didnt ever feel judged or uncomfortable... only excited for the next class.  If you are in Fort Mac, you gotta go see this beauty at Higher Health, Tuesdays at 7.  Patty, Im so grateful for the love of yoga that you have stoked in my heart!

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