Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 4 & 5

Im warning you right now, Im now in quite the mood. And if you are holding cheese in your hand, I might hurt you to get it! Haha

But seriously... how bad I am craving cheese is actually freaking me out. I am adjusting well without sugar and surprisingly without peanut butter... but cheese... omg. I would demolish a Costco size bag of Zesty Cheese Doritos in about 2.2 secs. given the opportunity. My dreams are filled with Kraft dinner and this smoked pepper gouda I had in the Netherlands. Regular Kraft dinner, Spiral Kraft Dinner, white cheddar Kraft Dinnner, cheddar and tomato Kraft Dinner. Grilled cheese sandwiches.... grilled cheese sandwiches with Doritos inside!! Oohhhh myyyyyyy

Today is Day 5. Going by fairly quickly surprisingly, thank goodness. I can add dairy back on Monday but Im honestly scared to after this cheese issue Im having. Maybe I need to keep it out of my life for awhile because cleary, the word moderation, at this point, is merely a word.

Yesterday I had an orange and some strawberries for breakfast because I had slept in a little and now breakfast was running into my lunch. So for lunch I decided to make some soup. Chopped up celery, cabbage, green beans, cauliflower, brocolli, onions, garlic and then added a can of corn niblets and some left over rice with some vegetable stock. Soup turned out awesome but the whole time I was dreaming of buttered bread to go with it. For dinner I hit up the local sushi restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed some cucumber avocado rolls. They are so good and I felt full and satisfied. Throughout the day I snacked on fresh strawberries and almonds and then I met up with Kari where she gave me some delicious chocolate balls that worked into our diet. Check out the recipe here Delicious and healthy. I even saved two for today :)

This morning I put an orange, a cup of strawberries and a cup of fresh pineapple into the blender with some dairy free protein powder and a little bit of water with some flax seed. Delicious. For lunch, a vegetable salad with greek dressing and then MORE cucumber avocado sushi rolls with edamame beans.

I also ventured off to the movie theatre and had a small popcorn with no butter and had water to drink. Snacked on nuts and berries throughout the day.

Feeling a little cranky on Day 4 but settling down now on Day 5. Cant wait for Monday.. cheese day!

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